Youth in Action

The Youty of today are the leaders of tomorrow


With 365 million young people (10-24 years), India has the world’s largest young population and a huge demographic advantage in harnessing their energy and creative potentials.  VIEWS has been motivating youth to contribute to social development through active citizenship and volunteerism

Promoting Active Citizenship among Youth through Volunteerism

Youth Action in Peace Building

Creating Global Leadership

Engaging youth towards Community Development

Promoting active citizenship and through volunteerism: Students Social Responsibility (SSR) chapter was established in management schools to engage students in community development with grant mobilized from UNFPA and successfully implemented a youth empowerment project in Odisha. In this context, students from the University of Texas, USA and management students from Odisha to worked as interns in various project. The students took lead in different project activities spanning from teachers’ training, integrating with evolving methods of teaching and focusing on enhancing the quality of teaching. The SSR chapter inculcated a habit of learning by doing and developed an atmosphere of confidence and happiness.

Youth action in peace building- Youth Framework

Skill Training among Adolescent and Youth: VIEWS conducted workshops to map the skills of adolescent girls and youth. We organised skills trainings on Engine repairing, beautician, tailoring and Computer training. The outcome of mapping the skills was that it found that around 90percent adolescent girls and women Chatarpur and Rangailunda blocks are interested in learning tailoring. So, VIEWS supported the youths to learn and hone the skills to be a good tailor and start their own enterprise. The tailoring training helped the participants learn the nuances of cutting and stitching of different ladies wear and school uniforms. The women are now confident and interested to start their own micro-enterprises for self-employability.

To Quote:We were happy with the returns and are confident to invest money and expand our activity. We can now earn our day-to-day livelihood without depending upon the income of our spouse, “says B. Mahalakshmi Reddy the villagers of Vikrampur.

Life Skills Education: VIEWS in pursuit to empower rural youth has undertaken project related to “Empowering Rural Youth through Life Skill Education and Micro Enterprise Development” implemented with the support of Nourish International, University of Texas, USA Chapter

Educating Small Scale Fishing Communities (SSF): The genesis of VIEWS was to work for poor small scale fishing communities. To fulfill this endeavor VIEWS intervened with target intervention approached where the sustainable development of Marine Fishing Communities was undertaken through education. The project was implemented with the support of Nourish International (University of Texas, USA Chapter).The organization also worked in the direction to established Skill Training Centers to provide training for adolescent girls and women.

Establishing Knowledge Center :VIEWS believe in the saying that “Knowledge is Power” and one who has knowledge has the capability to lead a dignified life. So, in this endeavor the organization established Knowledge Center at Gram Panchayat level (with computers, internet facilities and books) and provided spoken English, career counseling and computer training for rural youths. In this direction it also promoted Village Learning Centers (VLC) for girls and drop out children where girl children get free education. The Village Learning Centers (VLC) facilitates these girl children to get enrolled in government schools for their primary education.



Promoting Social Entrepreneurship through Eco Friendly Cloth Bags 

Bag to Square one is an social initiative to support young women ear their livelihoods with dignity through stitching of cloth bags using both recycled and new clothes 

Bag to Square one aims at shifting the general practice ands perception of consumers using hazardous plastic bags and steadily drive them to use eco-friendly cloth bags as part of their routine shopping.

Bag to Square One cloth bags are handy, comfortable, strong and above all eco-friendly. Made for environmentally conscious consumers, these bags made of cotton, hemp or jute are biodegradable and reusable. Our Cloth Bags are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to match your personal style. Shopping apart, these bags make an attractive tote for carrying a variety of everyday items besides providing the buyers with an opportunity to inspire others about green living. With tonnes of fabric and plastic being wasted every year, Bag to Square One is pro-active step forward to save the environment.

Client Speak “ The bags we received were of excellent quality and idea of replacing it with our plastic shopping bags is so gratifying. It is our individual social responsibility to strive towards a safer planet.” Says Narayan Nanda Director from Prayaas Yoga