Inclusive and Holistic

Alignment of Our initiative’s with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


Voluntary Integration for Education and Welfare of Society (VIEWS)

VIEWS Strategic Plan has defined five goals that will guide Board and staff decisions and actions. The principal work of VIEWS has been carried out through Professional team, and an improved financial and administrative system, VIEWS is positioned to leverage its programme effectiveness over the next five years. VIEWS will continue to support youth and women-led community-based organizations deeply familiar with the local situations that negatively affect women and marginal farmers. 

VIEWS  will focus on its target groups, issues, sectors of interventions based on current context of state of Odisha, India. We focus on Inclusive and sustainable development of the Tribal, Dalits, Small Scale Fisheries, Urban poor and Persons with Disabilities.  

VIEWS will work towards having clear Programme Outreach and Annual fund-raising targets. A separate fund-raising policy for international and local fund mobilization will be created including CSR initiatives. VIEWS will also work towards communicating its work through contemporary media channels. The five-year plan will be key to the implementing of innovative projects by community-led organizations in vulnerable and fragile areas among women, youth and marginal farming communities.

The Board of Governance of VIEWS has developed Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and adopted these five goals to guide the work of the Board and staff over the five year.



Increase annually outreach in terms of geographical coverage, thematic intervention i.e. 10000 marginal women farmers in livelihoods, 2500 children in education and 1000 youth through innovative sustainable initiatives and aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 



Build collaborations with international agencies, corporates foundations, academic institutions and like-minded organisations that provide opportunities to leverage VIEWS’s experience and learnings.



Mobilise resources from national and international agencies to outreach marginal communities and sustain the organisational initiatives



Establish Research and Product development Centre for development initiatives with focus on frugal, innovative and appropriate technology for advancement of vulnerable groups



Increase the visibility of VIEWS’s work in sustainable livelihoods and inclusive education sector at state and national level

The strategic plan will be a working document to provide strategic direction to the Board of Governance and staff and will be reviewed on yearly basis. The Board of Directors and professional staff will work collaboratively in developing and implementing the various strategies for achieving the goals over the five-year period.