End Poverty

Promoting market led livelihoods and enterprise development

key focus areas

Voluntary Integration for Education and Welfare of Society (VIEWS)

VIEWS has demonstrated models to address critical issues of poverty in Odisha. We have strong community-based institutions, committed staff members, thematic expertise and long-term collaboration with Government and international agencies helps us to create lasting impact at community level. The VIEWS strategic Plan 2020-2025 builds upon our achievements and over 10 years, to consolidate and deepen our work with the communities and widen reach to new communities in the remote areas of Odisha. Our work will continue to respond to the urgent needs of the communities. The strategic plan of VIEWS will interact to manage the interconnectedness of development problems and their solutions. Our women self-help groups and strong community-based institutions own and manage the development process in the village are the vital of all our work.

  • Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Enhancing Inclusive Education
  • Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Youth  & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Research and Consultancy Services
  • Health and Nutrition 

VIEWS has been working with different national, international agencies and the Government on various high-impact projects for the last 12 years enhancing the wellbeing of communities. Our future initiatives will continue to create an enabling environment of well-being for the poor with a focus on self -sustaining community-led initiatives through knowledge, innovation and transformative action.


Our Key Accomplishments

  • 4500 +farmers introduced to modified paddy cultivation method called the “SRI (systematic rice intensification)”,
  • 3500 +organic farms created to replenish micro nutrients and restore soil health of their agricultural landscapes
  • 3200+ marginal families provided with alternative livelihood in fishery, livestock, agribusiness and microenterprise development for ultra-poor.
  • 5000 nutrition gardens created to help women access healthy greens with adequate macro and micronutrients at their backyards.
  • 1500+ Youth empowered through training to enhance their employability and job opportunities
  • 1250 youth and eligible couples training on SRH, family planning and HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • 1000+ adolescent girls trained in menstrual hygiene solutions, reproductive and sexual health.
  • 2500+ Women empowered and enabled via Self Help Groups as a new breed of community actors.
  • 200+ Audio books created for inclusive education among visually challenged students in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh
  • 200 + Youth trained on Digital Literacy in rural and urban slum of Odisha
  • 500+ Children provided quality education in urban slums and rural areas of Odisha
  • 1050+ Families provided relief and rehabilitation support after Cyclone FANI in Odisha