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Millets Promotion:

Millets are highly nutritious and have several health benefits. “People are taking up millet farming along with paddy. Green Gram, pigeon pea, Sunflower, ground nut, Til and Ragi (Finger Millets) are the major source of alternative source of food security for the rural poor in Ganjam district. Even then, the challenges in Ragi cultivation are huge owing to its multidimensional enormity like rain-fed agriculture, mono cropping, degraded, climate change & biodiversity loss and untenable use of natural resource etc.The undulated topography, less farm mechanization and new technologies, use of indigenous seeds are the other concerns. Ragi is a relatively less focused crop due to the promotion of paddy, incentives in SRI cultivation and focus on cash crop cultivation by the government.

To revive the millets (Ragi) in 20 villages , VIEWS organized series of trainings on millets promotions, leaflets seeds support (Bharabi) and agriculture implements within two years. In the operational areas, the people were cultivatedragi by implementing improved agriculture practices. They adopted improved practices like seed treatment and line transplanting and weed management by using dryland weeder. In 2016 project supported Bhairabi ragi seed and dry land weeder and finger weeder for weed management and training on improved agriculture practices and insight training at the time of line transplanting and weed management. In 2017 project support dryland weeder for weed management and hand hold support in the field

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