Voluntary Integration for Education and Welfare of Society (VIEWS) is a youth centric growing grass-root organization working to improve food and livelihoods security among marginal and landless farmers in Odisha.  Our attempt is to help reduce the food and nutrition issues faced by tribals, dalits and the socially deprived by helping them revive organic and multi-cropping practices.

Vision: Empowering marginalized communities to improve their quality of life.

Mission: Bringing holistic development through innovative solutions for a better society.

Operating from the eastern part of India- home to some of the poorest communities in the world, particularly vulnerable for food insecurity, VIEWS has been working with different national, international agencies and the Government on various high impact projects for the last 10 years enhancing the wellbeing of communities in two broad areas.

  • Improving of quality of life of children and youth through education
  • Empower youth through SRH and family planning programmes
  • Improving the livelihood and social security of rural farmers by adopting the ‘Farm-Farmer-Family’ approach; starting with transformation of the farms and complementing seasonal agricultural incomes through opportunities arising in the non-farm sector.

This diversification has helped the community reduce vulnerability by spreading income risk. Household-based activities in the non-farm sector have been particularly rewarding for the rural women improving their economic well-being and enabling them to spend more on healthcare, education, food, nutrition, etc. for their families.

Our future initiatives will continue to create an enabling environment of well-being for the poor with a focus on self -sustaining community led initiatives through knowledge, innovation and transformative action.

Genesis: VIEWS was founded in 2002 by a group of youth in Odisha who initially worked for relief and rehabilitation work after the 1999 super cyclone in the state with Lutheran World Service (India). The experience and exposure made them realize the need for a committed local organization to continue working for the critical social issues plaguing the community. 

Our Focus Areas
  • Promoting Inclusive Education for underprivileged children and youth
  • Food Security and Livelihoods Promotion 
  • Sustainable Agriculture & Organic farming
  • Revival of Millets for Nutritional Security
  • Climate Change and Environment Protection
  • Youth Empowerment & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Clean Energy & Development Research

Our Key Accomplishments

  • 3000 +farmers introduced to modified paddy cultivation method called the “SRI (systematic rice intensification)”,
  • 2500 +organic farms created to replenish micro nutrients and restore soil health of their agricultural landscapes
  • 3000+ marginal families provided with alternative livelihood in fishery, livestock, agribusiness and microenterprise development for ultra-poor.
  • 3000 nutrition gardens created to help women access healthy greens with adequate macro and micronutrients at their backyards.
  • 1500+ Youth empowered through training to enhance their employability and job opportunities
  • 1250 youth and eligible couples training on SRH, family planning and HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • 1000+ adolescent girls trained in menstrual hygiene solutions, reproductive and sexual health.
  • 2500+ Women empowered and enabled via Self Help Groups as a new breed of community actors. “Our team had a great experience working with VIEWS during our summer internship. We worked in the coastal fishing villages of Ganjam district, teaching spoken English and computer to young students besides training the youth on different teaching learning methods, Our team also conducted career counseling and personality development sessions. Lauren Matranga, University of Texas, Austin, USA  

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