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Despite having an impressive youth population of over five lakh, the concept of active citizenship and volunteerism is missing among young students in the state of Odisha. The generation continues to be largely indifferent to the ailing underdevelopment around them. The young are cynical about the existing government policies as well as the NGOs and have little faith in their outcomes.

In management and technical education, the concept of volunteerism is missing and students are influenced to work for the corporate sector in urban areas. SSR is voluntary association of students for a social cause. Community initiatives are missing in most of management and engineering academic institutions where every student is inspiring and have responsible towards well being society. Most of students are interested in community development work but not getting any platform and exposure to engage in community work in rural areas. The curriculum is developed in a manner to create professionals for corporate sector. Subjects related to rural development and social enterprise is lacking in the course syllabus. Although a good number of youths especially students are interested to give back to the society, they do not know how to go about it. NGOs also make little effort to engage volunteers. The project aims is to bring about attitudinal changes in individuals that makes them active citizens while bridging the gaps between the various forums. The idea is to work on the model of ‘volunteer capitalism’ like capital attracts more capital, volunteers would attract more volunteers.

The whole idea of the project is to inspire the young students to excellent, inspirational selfless work and to make them believe that change is achievable through volunteerism. There is an immediate need to create an ever growing group of conscious youths through networking who can come together, to contribute their time and effort and work for ‘non-profit’. The intervention is essential to bring in the element of positiveness among the new generation of youth of different cultural and religious backgrounds and make them believe that world can be a better place if they can put in their own small energies together to bring about a change in underdevelopment, poverty and injustice. This apart, the SSR concepts aims to engage the urban young volunteers to bring in changes in the lives of their counterparts in rural areas of the state where unemployed youths continue to be used by extremist groups to engage them in anti government activities and religious riots.


  • Develop awareness about students social responsibility in the context of community development and social entrepreneurship;
  • Mobilize and inspire students from educational institutions to form Student Social Responsibility (SSR) Chapters at their institutional level
  • Building capacity of students on Student Social Responsibility modules encourages a young student’s understanding of self in relation to the society.
  • Train students on leadership development, project cycle management and social entrepreneurship
  • Organise innovative fund raising events to undertake community development projects at SSR chapter level
  • Engaging students with local NGO in to implement community development projects in remote rural areas during summer internship and social campaigns on burning issues
  • Formation of Students Social Responsibility (SSR) chapters Network at state level and to be registered under Society Registration Act / India Trust Act for sustain the activates
  • Facilitate in the creation of enabling environment for the involvement of all stakeholders including government, academia, civil society organizations and media on key issues of development in Odisha and generate body of knowledge relating student social responsibility policy.
  • Sharing and disseminate information of SSR updates through social networks, blogs and E-newsletters.



The concept of SSR

The current project aims to trigger initiatives by the young by involving them to achieve to make a lasting impact in the society. This will not only ease the friction between the divisions of the societal set up but also bring together the youths for a common cause ultimately bringing a difference to the lives of the marginalized. The project will help to reach out to many young and exciting minds, helping them to learn and explore the journey of development. It would seek to explore with young adults how they can make social values real in their action and engagement in their communities locally, nationally and internationally. The project aims to involve young people in activities which help them to belong and take more responsibility in whatever they do.

Activities Undertaken

  1. Promoting youth clubs and youth networks
  2. Summer camps on spoken English & personality development
  3. Establishing Knowledge centre to provide life skills education
  4. Computer training and career counseling workshops
  5. Exposure visits for youth social entrepreneurship
  6. Training on youth leadership development and youth for development
  7. Engaging youth for Village Cleaning, Know Youth Signature, Environmental
  8. Awareness and HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns.
  9. Promoting Student Social Responsibility (SSR) chapters at educational institutions and engaging in community projects.

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