In order to create a momentum to bring about a sanitary revolution in the State, we have been conducting  “Clean Village Campaign” from time to time. It encompassed all activities taken up in the village for environmental sanitation.
From cleaning up trash-strewn villages. gutters and garbage dumps, youths are roped in to create more awareness on the adverse consequences of open defecation practices. We have also made efforts to recognize the special needs of different categories of people and promote sanitation needs of specific groups like children, women, adolescents, aged people, disabled, etc. The participants have also sensitized locals to promote environmental sanitation in all institutions like Anganwadis, schools, public places, etc. The campaigns have helped bring in behavioural change among the locals. Besides cleaning campaigns, school students of Markandi and Ramayapatna were provided a training on hand washing.

”We were educated about hand washing, to end open defecation, improve trash disposal and explained the link between sanitation and public health,” said Divya , a student of Kishorchandrapur Primary School.

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