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Most women living in coastal villages are illiterate or have limited education. They are often confined to traditional roles in the home, taking care of their families and households. They have limited opportunities to express themselves, learn new skills and contribute financially to the family, or enjoy any form of independence. To give these women new opportunities to earn and to motivate them to think differently about their futures, VIEWS organised a beautician training for adolescent girls and young woman. The training programme helped six women participants become financially independent.

“I studied up to the tenth standard. Had I sat at home after that, I would have been married off. I joined the this training course, where I learned a lot about skin and hair care. Right now I am operating from my home and get around two customers daily. I have now gained the confidence that I can continue with this and earn for myself But I now have plans to join a beauty parlour at Berhampr where I can earn around Rs 5000 .” says Tinki Sethi one of the adolescent girl, who trained.

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